Giuseppe Asaro noted film and video producer/director and the founder of the popular brand Shastala is based in Los Angeles California. Asaro’s films and videos have won numerous film festivals and he has developed an international cult following thanks to the official Nusrat fateh Ali Khan music documentary “A voice from Heaven”, the horror thriller “Thrill Kill” and hundreds of music videos, shorts and commercial.

SHASTALA STUDIO in Los Angeles is equipped with state of the art film and video equipment indoor and outdoor photo studio and two unique lounges built around a private secluded swimming pool.

SHASTALA team always sets the tone for a rich cultural and artistic exchange for countless brands, photographer, artists and visionaries.

In addition to Shastala Los Angeles Asaro is now currently in the process of launching JTM Joshua Tree Motors a full fledge film and photo studio in one of the most iconic spot in the Mojave Desert.

Both in Los Angeles and in the Mojave desert Asaro can always assemble the best professional teams and a variety of unique locations, vintage vehicles, and accommodations to fulfill the multiple demands of local and international productions.