Oh the light of the divine, you can feel it deep in your spine.
Born with that halo, oh that mellow yellow.
As it seeks the nipple, temporarily a cripple.
Oh it’s a son, you are my sun.
The radiant joy that flows and the mother with no repose.

As he opens his very first toy, his mama, holds her hands up in reverence, overflowing with much joy.
As he shapes with world with clay, she feels his soul, bound with gay

As the bell for the toddler tolls, his story slowly unfolds.
With every year that passes, once a child, but now a part of the masses.
The light that flowed within diminishes with every sin.

Just yester, he was a jester, now the world pins him as a pester.
Scorned as an addict, the jury just passed the verdict.
Like an animal he will roam, caged in iron bars for his home.

Now the mother squeals with pain,
As she steal from within, without realizing the sin,
She feels that deep hollow, and fills it with her sorrow.

Now the divine light, it causes her such a fright.
As She lays in her bed with the curtain shut tight,
When the darkness casts its spell, she moves but feels like hell.
She Can hear that toll bell call, in the shadow of the fall.

The straight of the back, will leave it