Mate, wait, don’t be driven by hate
It’s just a debate. With unfounded fury, given your mental state, you dash through that gate.
Don’t take that bait, and choose to replicate, the moronic red state.
Wait mate, before it’s too late

Vanity and pride, mankind you shall divide.
In the mirror your glowing skin, knows not what lurks within.
Pumped and pure, your thoughts afloat seeming flaccid.
But deep within, your ribo nucleic acid, red and so dammed rancid.

Black swastika on your chest and silver cross upon your neck,
Blinded by your fury you shuffle in a hurry
Your palm soaked with juice from your cranium,
Fueled by Pluto, you feel more like uranium.

I can hear your grill rattle, your chest out ready for battle.
The hate that you dissipate, Stop Nate before it’s too late.
With your arch nemesis on the premises, folly and virile are your senses.

As you slide that dagger with uncouth and unbound anger,
Every cell, a nuclear reactor, you, a vile and thoughtless actor.

The Stars and Stripes, founded for men fair and grounded.
Hate, we berate, your ignorant mind needs to be pounded.

The Union Jack, not meant for a senile crack.

Lift your god dammed soul, higher than your imposed nations pole.

We’ve passed a ban on the crown of the Klan.
It was history, now its part of the plan

To society you are a shame,
your mama is not to blame.

Don’t let that seed gestate,
Be done with hate, just liberate
Stop mate, you make me wanna regurgitate.