In the narrow scoop of the wooden stool,
My body at rest, my mind a spool.

Thoughts like heat radiate, membranes roll down to cool.
mid summer night, elegant glances and polka dotted prances.


My mind, membranes roll down to cool.
Thoughts heat, dissipates like a whirl pool.

Memories, like burnt paper, strewn.
Stories lost, in the wind, blown atop a sand dune.

Far, now forgotten lumped atop a sand dune.
Camels stoop, as turbans bellow an enchanting tune.

The night sky forever releases its mythical legends.
Tracing a line, the trajectory forming a contortionist’s dream.

Fortunes narrated under the light of the moon.
Smoke, the draft purifying, the essence leaving too soon.

Warm night embraces, folklore of distant places.
Stars withhold
ember of sandal wood glances.

Bursting red giant throws out its nucleus
Energy, yellow photon like streams through
Mirage, light’s shadow levitates.

Sand, each particle forever migrates
Once, part of a stone, now all alone.

Wind, transporter of soul and soil.
Rain, the melody, a soothing beat.

Now, forever drowning the desert heat.
a temporary ploy.

Each particle fused, with s
The desert hears no howl, for in the open the predators don’t prowl.
The glorious howl, the silvery


Memories forgotten, each page burnt,
Memories forgotten, like holes burnt in each page, lost to the mighty monsoon.

Memories lost, obedience, a standard state rule.
Watchtowers perch, liberties taken, a prisoner now, a fool.

Mysteries progress and the mystics rule.
The preacher, the hipster, a philosopher, a mule.
On the pyramid perched, the Liberator, a spectator?