Common UI UX Design Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Common UI UX Design Mistakes

Creating design and building is a crucial element for a successful project. A successful product is a blend of design, content and important factors involved . Dosent matter if your designing for mobile or web the key element for designers is to to deliver a effective user experience to attain more user engagement. Every designer creates a different design from one another , each one has there different formula to create a design,If you know any formula do comment below .

If your starting your carrier in design, then this are the common UI UX design mistakes you should definitely avoid. list below will definitely help you to deliver better designs. It will also serve as a “checklist” of things you want to avoid when designing an interface.

1.Low Contrast

Contrast is everything on a visual composition. When you have a poor contrast your interface element looks dull and difficult to read . Because low contrast is equal to low usability. A designer should not forget to play around with the contrast.

There are few factors related to contrast that designers should not avoid. These factors are as follows:
  • Low contrast = Lower usability
  • Use contrast to clearly separate the different sections of your app
  • Use contrast to separate elements from the background
  • Use contrast to guide the user’s attention through your interface

2.Non – Responsive Design

Google released an algorithm that ranks mobile-friendly websites higher. Responsiveness design is now key. The one whos’s been realy into UI UX design , he or she will be definately be aware of the term , responsive design. This plays a very crucial role in the measuring the success of any website. There are lot of website over the internet that are not responsive to different deceives. Sometimes a non responsive design forces the customer to rethink on the purchase decision made by them and turns into somebody else.

3.Cluttered Layout

Cluttered websites are irritated to users. When there are too many elements involved on the page, they are all competing for a user’s attention to make make his purchase journey. Not knowing where to surf user may miss your CTA , offer , discount etc. A user journey may be easily navigated and focused on goal of conversion. Hence this common UI UX design mistake should be avoided.

How to avoid that:
  • Never use more than three colors in your design
  • limit yourself to only one or two fonts.
  • Making sure to include some space between , images, forms, descriptions and CTAs

4.low-Quality Images

Quality images play a major role in attracting your customers . Images helps in story telling on your product or services. Use a high resolution images that looks classy on your website. Poor the images high quality of users bouncing back the website.

Consider this factors
  • Avoid irrelevant photos.
  • Show photos related to your service or product
  • Use high-resolution images only.
  • Choose realistic photos. Avoid fake or staged stock photos.
Image Source : careerfoundry

5. Unintuitive Navigation

website navigation should be crystal clear, it should always meet visitors’ expectations. A designer should never ignore the website navigation while designing the user interface. Place the menu there user can easily find at the top and keep the number of means to 5-6. Easy navigation helps the in great user experience . Keep in mind while building a website a responsive design should always have a easy navigation.

6.Buttons (CTAs)

Call To Actions will make the website more powerful with a single button and grabs the user’s attention . Buttons goona make a website more easy navigation. A button that’s wrongly placed , too small, hard to see, is considered to be a bad element on a website. This common UI UX design mistake should be avoided for a responsive website.Designers should avoid all the mistakes while placing Call to Action buttons on a website.



UI design is not without its obstacles, but it can be road-mapped to perfection. Hopefully, this piece of content has provided you with a clear common UI UX design mistakes . For further reading UX design, check out our articles on: 

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