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UI UX design trends


UI/UX design trends are booming in this era where in it has re shaped the technology. The Growth of technology has influenced design trends every year . As the UI/ UX design trends are evolving day by day its important for us to be aware of executing and upcoming design trends , constantly improving our design tool kit in order to update in our current market segment. As we step into the next decade the dependence on the technology and on digital products are immense.

Let’s explore the leading UI/UX design trends of 2020-2021 in detail and see how popular brands implement them successful

1.Animated Illustration

Illustration have been there in the market for a long time , There evolution in the past decades are impressive. “Illustration provides a great opportunity to communicate because it abstracts an idea,” says Steve Peck, a creative director who has worked on branding and campaigns for top companies including Apple, Dropbox, and Samsung. Illustration are popular design elements which gives a natural feel and human touch to UX for all the products . They are also a attention grabbers.

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Welcome to Swiggy by Saptarshi Prakash

2.3D elements

3D elements have fascinated users every where from many years . It involves in movies , video games etc. 3D graphic could be viewed in 360 degree presentation improving the overall UX of the product. Now the UI/UX design trends allows the designers to prettify there websites. One of the key element in 3D graphic design implementation is that it increase the performance of the website . The popularity of this trend is going to increase in 2020 as VR and AR technologies gain momentum now. So its the best idea to combain both the technology .

3.Virtual Reality

2019 has been absolute big year for VR. In the last few years VR has seen lot off booming process in VR headsets, mainly in gaming industry. Gaming Industry always bring upgradation with there innovation into the digital products designs. Users in this digital age don’t want to just see things— they want to actually live them.

Business photo created by freepik –

4.Augmented Reality

In the last there has been a lot of improvement in the AR segment .Augmented Reality or AR is a set of computer-generated information that can be experienced through tactile movements in wearable devices, which is slowly blurring the lines between virtual and reality.The world’s top leading companies are investing there money into AR development , Even Apple has introduces their Even Apple has introduced their own AR toolkit called ARKIT 3 to help designers and developers build AR based products.

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Apple ARKit 3 by Apple
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House of Plants AR Concept by Nathan Riley

5. Microintraction

Micro Interaction are one off the UI/UX design trends in this evolving technology. Micro Interaction pretty much exist in every website and web application. You come come across this everytime when you open your favorite application like facebook etc. facebook has ton of MI I assume”Like” feature is the perfect example . Microintraction increase the performance of the website . Some times we are not even aware of existence, because they are so so obvious, natural and “blended” into user interfaces.

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Tab bar active animation — Aaron Iker

Final thoughts

These UI/UX design trends will not only satisfy requirement, but also highly optimized to-give a greater usability and accessibility to the end users.

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