Red Hill Nature resort: Redefining the SEO stratergy


Red Hill Nature resort is a heritage bungalow on a tea plantation that has been converted into a nature retreat. It is located 27 kms away from Ooty Railway station in the picturesque location of Emerald. Encircled by luring tea plantations and ravishing Emerald Lake, Red Hill Nature resort has remained the undisputed aesthetic travel destination choice among tourists, sightseers and trippers alike.


Not satisfied with the results generated by their existing SEO company, Red Hill Nature Resort came to Cone Interactive at a point where their organic search traffic growth had stalled. They needed an SEO strategy that can take their rankings, and especially the organic search traffic to the next level. Red Hill Nature Resort intended to become the industry leader in the organic search results in search results for nature resorts. Their focus was on being visible in Google not only when their prospective customers search for their provided services in Ooty, but also when a user would type in generic terms about the services they offer. This would give them the opportunity to establish a brand presence that’s essential for an industry leader.

With stiff competition from other popular brands, Red Hill Nature Resort required a comprehensive evaluation of the entire site to ensure that all the important landing pages rank prominently in Google. Once the campaign initiated, our experts audited and implemented the basic SEO & technical elements that would create a base for igniting organic traffic growth. Local SEO optimization for improving rankings in the targeted locations, and high-quality links acquisition were the other two elements of the SEO strategy that helped achieve better than projected results.


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