Gobonobo: Bringing a new brand to life

At a glance

Gobonobo is a clothing line launched with an idea to help promote the essence of the Bonobo life – Equality, Moral correctness, Trust and Matriarchy. Cone Interactive helped Gobonobo prepare for the brand launch and built a strong creative partnership along the way.

What we did

  • Brand identity
  • Product Development
  • Web and mobile application
  • Internet Marketing Strategy
  • User Interface Design
  • Creative direction
  • Graphic design
  • Marketing collateral

The Challenge

A new leisure wear aiming to be a global fashion brand needs to optimize marketing investments globally and locally to maintain brand strength amidst constant change in consumer attitudes and behaviors. The online clothing company needed continuous understanding of trends for their category, their brands and how marketing supports brand development campaigns. Since the sales were expected to be completely online, we were going up against websites that have been around for much longer and had much stronger domain authority already established in Google search.

Preparing and setting direction

We worked together with our client to set a creative direction for the project. We started by describing key features of future products. Next, we talked about aesthetic preferences and established the type of experience our client wants to offer through Gobonobo. Based on feedback, we created a set of propositions that we worked with during later stages of the project.

Internet Marketing Strategy

We applied almost every discipline of Internet marketing to this campaign. For a business like this to be successful online you have to approach it with strategic SEO and also brand building techniques. We started off by going through the site and applying a variety of SEO methods. First we conducted a keyword research to identify how people in India were searching for clothing related products and then optimized the website pages to reflect those keywords. Through custom crafted meta-data and optimized content we were able to quickly climb within the search results.

Our external process was pretty robust. Our link building campaign consisted of strategic PR using keywords, building out various local business profiles, writing articles in the clothing marketing space, reaching out to Indian area bloggers to do write ups on our brand.

  • Onsite & Offsite SEO
  • Proactive Google safe link building
  • Weekly blog writing
  • Blogger outreach
  • Product image marketing
  • Daily social media fan engagement
  • Monthly newsletter marketing

Project Management

The countdown to launch was on. Now, it was time to take the brand guidelines and start applying them to every fashion style.

Cone Interactive recommended an agile methodology from the start.  Two-week agile sprints provided stability and continuous progress in a complex, time-crunched environment. Every two weeks new collaterals were completed and were ready for delivery. The teams carefully considered the placement and visibility of significant information, which, in the eyes of a customer, can make a huge difference.

Collaborating at regular milestones helped the Gobonobo and Cone Interactive creative teams build trust and reliability. The Cone Interactive team clearly explained the logic behind any change in the creative and was so responsive when Gobonobo asked for changes. Cone Interactive’s ability to deliver strong creative in conjunction with a deep understanding of the business had tangible impacts for the new brand.

  • Successful launch with brand recognition.
  • Industry recognition from PR efforts.
  • 75 % increase in followers and shares across all social media platforms.
  • 65% traffic increase within first 3 months of campaign.
  • Page 1 for 7 important keywords within first 3-6 months.